400 Josephine Invitation To Bid

May 14, 2013

Dear Bidders and Brokers,

The property at 400 Josephine Austin, Texas known as the Carpenters Union Hall is offered for sale on a sealed bid basis. The accompanying information has been gathered from various sources and is believed to be accurate but cannot be guaranteed. Please rely on your own due diligence to come to your own conclusions.

UPDATE: Friday, July 12, 2013 - Bidding on this property is now closed. Thank you to all the bidders who participated. The owners are reviewing bids and will be selecting a winner shortly. All bidders will be notified when a selection has been made.

General Information

The property has been owned and occupied by the Carpenters Union Local 1266 for over 60 years. Prior to that it was a pecan orchard.

The total land area is approximately 1.147 acres or approximately 50,000 square feet within 8 city lots.

There are two existing buildings on the site:

  • One measuring approximately 6,232 square feet, built in 1949,
  • Another measuring approximately 2,520 square feet, built in the 1968, according to the Travis Central Appraisal District.

There is a food trailer and a landscaping yard also on the site.

  • These are month-to-month leases and will be terminated, and the property vacated prior to Buyer obtaining possession of the property.

The property is zoned CS which allows for many commercial uses. It is within the Butler Shores sub—district of the Waterfront Overlay.

There are numerous trees on the site, many of which are Heritage Trees and Protected Trees*

*We strongly recommend researching this issue thoroughly and satisfying yourself, with your own professionals, that your intended use of this property will not be hindered by the Heritage Tree Ordinance requirements; before submitting your bid which will be a firm, legally binding contract to purchase, with non-refundable Earnest Money and no provision for a due diligence period or a right to rescind the obligation to purchase.

Please note the following requirements:

  1. Sealed bids will be accepted until 3:00 PM on Friday July 12, 2013.
  2. All bids should be mailed or delivered to:
    The Carpenters Local Union 1266
    c/o Mach 1 Media
    12912 Hill Country Blvd. Suite F-215
    Austin, Texas 78738
  3. Please confirm the submission of your bid by emailing info@400josephine.com and we will confirm receipt by return email.
  4. A check for $100,000.00 must accompany the bid.
    • The check should be made out to Gracy Title. When the bid is awarded the check will be deposited into the Title Company's account and the contract will be receipted. The receipted date will be the "Effective Date”.
  5. The winning bidder’s earnest money will be non—refundable but will be credited toward the purchase price. Losing bidder’s checks will be voided and returned.
  6. All bids must be submitted by filling in the blanks on the attached Texas Association of Realtors Commercial Contract form.
  7. Please fill in the Buyer's name and contact information in Paragraph 1. Fill in the bid price in Paragraph 3 C as the Sales Price.
  8. You may fill in Paragraph 3 A and B as appropriate but please note that this contract is not subject to financing.
  9. If a Real Estate Broker licensed in Texas represents you, please fill out the cooperating broker information in Paragraph 9 A and the Agreement Between Brokers on Page 13.
  10. Please ensure that every page of the contract is initialed and the Buyer's signature is affixed to Page 13 in the appropriate space for Buyer.
  11. Please fill in the Buyer's Attorney information on Page 13. You may check Paragraph 18 G if appropriate.
  12. Sign the Information About Brokerage Services Addendum.
  13. Note: Please do not make any changes to the contract. If you detect a typo or mistake of any kind to the contract or the bid documents please contact and we will send out a revised, corrected, document to every potential bidder.



The property may be inspected by appointment Monday through Friday. For appointments or questions Contact:

Eddie at (915) 630-5255



Phase I

Commitment for Title Insurance

Improvement survey

Drawing of the approximate location of the trees

Asbestos Survey

Travis Central Appraisal District print out

Commercial Contract Form

Market Info

Zoning Verification

Rent Income


"As a material part of the consideration for this Agreement, Seller and Purchaser agree that Purchaser is taking the Property ''AS IS'' with any and all latent and patent defects and that there is no warranty by Seller or its Broker that the Property is fit for a particular purpose. Purchaser acknowledges that it is not relying upon any representations, statements, assertions or non-assertions by the Seller or its Broker with respect to the Property condition, but is relying solely upon its examination of the Property. Purchaser takes the Property under the express understanding there are no express or implied warranties (except for limited warranties of title set forth in the closing documents). Provisions of this Section shall survive the Closing."